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Couple With Three Kids, About To Get Evicted, Needs Your Help!

My Story:

We are a beautiful family of five. We have two girls, ages 10 and 11, and a 2 year old boy. I was unemployed for about four months, which really hurt my household. We sold many items just to stay current, but couldn't help by falling behind. I finally have a new job, which in addition to my significant other's income will put us back on track.

I am afraid that without help form Modest Needs we will lose our home, before having the chance to catch up. Not being able to afford our rent has had a noticeable effect on the family. We are constantly worried and stressed, and our children are noticing. Having lived on one income for so long put a strain on us in every manner and the thought of ending up homeless with three kids terrifies me.

If my application is funded, I will be able to catch up with everything on time. It would really mean the world to my family. We can finally be on track, and even have the opportunity to donate and help other people as well. I try to instill this in my children, and for them to know that strangers from all over had reached out to help us would really mean everything.

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