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Missed Work Due To Illness and Surgery; In Need of Mandatory Car Repair

My Story:

I am a single parent of four children, two of which still live at home with me. Their father is not involved in our lives, and due to the failed marriage, my children and I had to urgently move. In addition I fell ill with strep and tonsillitis, had to get my tonsils removed, and as a result missed a significant amount of time from work. Due to all of this and because my income was already limited, I cannot currently afford any unexpected expenses.

I am turning to Modest Needs in order to get assistance with a car repair. My car is currently unsafe and needs major brake and suspension repair, which I cannot afford. With my income being our only means of support and no assistance from the children's father, I have no way to gather the additional funds for the repair. Without a car I will not be able to go to work or properly care for my children. If I were to pay for the repair myself, I will surely fall behind on other bills. I have come to a point where I don't know which bill is most important.

Charitable giving has always played a huge part in my life and I have taught my children to volunteer throughout the community. I believe that this expense will not only significantly help our household, but also give my children a sense of humbleness. Thank you!

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