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My Story:

We met six years ago when I was on holiday in England. When I saw him, I had never felt a love like this at first sight in my entire life. He felt the very same about me, as if we had been destined to find each other.

Four years later, our love keeping us close even if the miles were many, my love left his life in England so that we could live together in marriage here in the U.S. Two years after receiving his permanent residence card, the time came to renew the card so that my husband can stay in the U.S.

We need help with this fee in order to stay together. If he were sent home, we both wouldn't have the money to get back together. We also want, very much, to comply with the U.S. Customs & Immigration Services so that there will be no question about my husband's residence.

Any help you can offer us will be so much appreciated. Thank you!

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