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Power Chair Replacement Co-Pay

My Story:

My spouse and I are both on Social Security Disability. In addition, I receive a small pension monthly. We are trying to slowly pay off my spouse's hospital bill, but we are barely making it month by month. Now we are in a situation that we cannot pay off a little at a time, even if we had an extra nickle to spare, which we don't.

I have been in a Power Chair for about six years now, and my chair is worn out and broken. Medicare part B will pay to replace the Chair, however I must pay the 20% of the cost as my co-pay before the Vendor will deliver it. I have been without it for over three months now, and it is so hard to be without it. I still have no way to get the money.

I'm hoping that you can help me. My body is deteriorating more rapidly since I have been without my Chair. I really need it to get around. Thank you, I really appreciate your help.

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