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Past Due Medical Bills

My Story:

We are a loving couple, with a big dream, to buy a home that we can open to foster children. As an adoptee myself that suffers with infertility, my heart longs to offer a home to children in need.

In order to make this dream come true, my husband and I have sat down with a lender and found that a few minor past due bills from our credit report are hindering us from this dream.

Although we have been able to pay a few of them, we have had set backs from car troubles which hinder us from completing the payoffs by our goal date of October 1st, 2008.

The bills that we would like help with are four medical bills, however payment of even a couple of the bills would be a GREAT help!

Please consider us, as not only would this be helping us to get closer to getting a home, but it would help by opening up a home for foster children as well. God Bless and thank you for reading my request.

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