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Funeral Costs

My Story:

My husband passed away June 13,2008 from GBM brain cancer. I am currently on family medical leave until Aug 11, 2008 and will return to work full time.

I did work part-time in a nursing home and took care of my ill husband at home. I have a funeral home bill that I have paid a portion of, but still have a balance on. I already had to pay $1,500.00 and burial costs out of my savings.

We are going into foreclosure on the home and I haven't paid mortgage since my husband became sick in October 2007. I am a single widow and have two teenagers living with me currently.

My daughter is 18 and my son is 16. I have been living off of savings, my husband's SSD, and food stamps. I am not eligible for survivor's SSD or SSI until I reach 60 years of age, and even that is not guaranteed.

I just need help with paying most of the funeral costs, so I can save for another place to live and get back to work.

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