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Help, After Death of My Service Dog

My Story:

My request comes after I fell behind in my bills due to medication needs.

I had a stroke 4 years ago that left me with high monthly medication expenses.

In addition to my other bills and the fact my sole source of my income is SSD, I have been unable to get them paid. In December, my service dog died suddenly.

I had a vet bill that took a lot of my money to try and save her, unfortunately she died within 4 hours after she first got sick.

Because of that and the rising costs of bills it has become a strain to pay my gas bill.

I have a medical problem which requires my gas stay on.

Another reason it became so high is because of my circulation of my blood, which when my body gets cold my fingers turn blue.

I hope by finding Modest Needs I can have some assist with this bill so that I can keep my gas on.

Thank you very much.

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