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College Prep Program, Autistic Son

My Story:

If this request is approved, this funding would be used to send my teenage son, who has autism, to a remedial, college-like setting, to learn life skills, remediate learning skills, and social/recreational skills that will help him to graduate high school.

I too have autism, so while my son's needs are paramount, there is a secondary benefit of respite support for myself. This is important, as I am living apart from my spouse. I am not receiving spousal support in cash. However, he is helping with my car payment and insurance, and tutoring for our son.

My son was denied meaningful support at school for multiple years. However, it has been recently revealed that he can and has learned, but there are missing pieces. He is a good student and he is working hard. He has completed a summer program in advocacy, and he even initiated and completed a service project providing toys to children in Nicaragua through our church.

Thank you for considering this request for my son's summer educational program.

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