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Utility Bill For A Veteran

My Story:

I am a partially-disabled veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After returning from deployment, I could no longer perform the duties of my previous civilian position. I was placed in another position by my employer, which pays a lesser hourly wage and requires less of me physically. To assist me with paying my bills, I took in a renter. She got into my personal documents and charged purchases to my credit card. She also cancelled utilities that she did not want to pay. Then, she disappeared and I have been unable to reach her.

I went to the bank to file a fraud complaint. I have contacted all the utility companies and my other creditors to make them aware of my plight, and am doing everything possible to get my utility bills paid before they are all turned off. Since I am not able to do many of the things I was once able to do, there are limitations to the type of additional work I can perform to earn extra income.

I am still waiting for the VA to make a decision on my disability benefits, and for the Army to make a like decision. I expect that I will receive some compensation for the injuries I have sustained. I'm told that decisions should be made soon.

If you can provide me with the funds to pay up my Electric & Gas bill, I would be current with that account. I have already discussed payment options for future bills with the utility company. I have already received assistance from other organizations to pay my water bill and mortgage. I appreciate any possible assistance that you can offer.

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