Paid 04/15/2008
Emergency Home Repair
Military Family

Fully Funded

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This person has left the following thank you note:

WOW! I could not believe my eyes when I went to email and saw this was funded so quickly. You have no idea how happy this made me today. Especially with all the headaches and heartaches I have had with the flood damage, the deployment of my husband, and now, my health issues. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

Deployed Soldier - Storm Damage

My Story:

My husband is currently deployed with the National Guard. While he is away our home experienced a serious flood due the storms that occurred during March.

My insurance company investigated my basement and found water damage. It was also determined that the ground water seeped into the dwelling, damaging the walls and carpet.

Additionally, my back door was destroyed and we had to hire a man to come replace it. I have had multiple contractors in my home and am paying out of pocket as my insurance policy does not cover water damage.

In addition to all of these expenses, I had drying equipment running around the clock which caused an increase in my electric bill. I would appreciate any help getting on top of this issue. I am requesting the assistance with the electric bill while I am still negotiating repair necessities and costs. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

As of 2008-04-15, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2008-04-15, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $70.16 to Ozark Electric on behalf of this deserving individual.