Paid 04/08/2008
Domestic Violence
Unsupported Single Parent
Temporary Loss of Income

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Moving Due to Domestic Violence

My Story:

I am a victim of domestic violence. My 2 children and I were forced to flee our residence and metro area for our safety. I also had to transfer my job, which caused me to lose three weeks of income that I would have had normally.

I desperately need to register my vehicle and cannot pay the personal property tax at this time. We had been living in a domestic violence shelter. I just signed a lease for a new affordable apartment for us, so that we are not homeless when we have to leave the shelter.

I cannot afford to pay the car property tax at this time, because I had to come up with all of the expenses to move into our apartment. I depend on my vehicle to get to and from work and provide transportation for my kids to and from school. Please help if you can!

As of 2008-04-08, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2008-04-08, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,000.00 to Collector of revenue on behalf of this deserving individual.