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Bedding For Children

My Story:

I am writing because I dont know what else to do. My husband and I have a 4 bedroom apartment and we have my 4 children living with us full time and we have 3 of his children that come on regular visits. The problem is that we dont have adequate beds for them. There are 3 teenage girls in a room on a daybed. I have tried to watch in our local papers for a set of bunkbeds for them but I cant really afford any extra money for them right now. My husband works full time and I stay at home because I have degenerative disk disease and have to have treatments done on my back. I cant stand for long periods at a time without being in terrible pain and due to my mother dying in a fire from an addiction to pain medications, i have limited myself to just taking ibuprofen for pain. These girls are 13, 14, and 15 and I really hate seeing them sharing a twin bed. I am writing you to get help with bunkbeds to put in this room. I dont want his children to feel like this isnt their home too. I cant get out much so I looked on and came up with 1)linon home bunkbeds priced at 249.88 and 2)simmons deep sleep mattresses priced at 249.88 each. Please help me give these girls proper bedding to sleep on. Thank you.

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