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Family Van Needs Tie Rods And Tires

My Story:

We are a blended family. My step daughter (17yrs old) and her family (a 6 month old girl, a 2yr old boy and her husband)had to move in with us due to a domestic violence situation back in Tennessee. They get a little help from the state but it doesn't come close to covering all of their expenses/needs. We have had to buy them clothes (they came here with almost nothing but what they were wearing), shoes and diapers, and all of our utilities and the grocery bill has went way up. And it just goes on and on (they are now needing winter clothes and coats for example). We don't mind helping them because we love them and they are making an effort to get straightened out. The step daughter is going to school for her G.E.D. and then for nursing and the son-in-law is looking for work (though his health problems make it difficult for him). Also, our landlord has been really great because after we explained our situation to him, he decided not to raise our rent or evict us (all 7 of us are in a 2 bedroom trailer that is only 'legal' for 5 ppl). God bless him because we couldn't afford to move. The thing is our transportation. My work car is a little Honda Accord that only seats 4. Three of the kids are suppose to be in car seats. We have the car seats (we also paid for those) but we can't fit all of us into the car with car seats as well so we end up with kids on our laps (highly illegal and unsafe!). We have a van that is big enough for all of us but the shop told us we need new tie rods and 2 front tires. We just don't have the money to get it fixed. And also, my work is 50 miles away from our home and I often have to take time off or am late for work when the kids have to go to appointments. All the extra miles cost me more for gas and puts a lot more wear and tear on the car. I have had to pay around $500 for repairs on it since the kids moved in and was just recently told it was going to need more work. If you could help us out, we would really appreciate it! Thank You.

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