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Mortgage Assistance And Late Fee

My Story:

Back in November of 2006 my youngest daughter (back then she was 3 months) was admitted into the hospital with severe rsv and come to find out she has heart problems At that time I was forced to quit my job to care for her. I am still taking her back and forth to her pediatric cardiologist as well as her other docter 1-2 days a week due to she gets sick a lot. Things started going better until my long time fiancee of 9 years was admitted into the hospital with mrsa in his neck which beagan to spread. He was taken out of work for 2-3 weeks having to go back and forth getting the infection drained. We have done ok by paying the monthly bills with the help of family all except our mortgage this past month. Our mortgage company now wants a late fee as well has already reported us to the credit agency. We are desperate to get this payment payed as we are not usually behind. He has returned to work but there is no way possible we can come up with our mortgage payment.

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