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I would like to thank each and every donor who made my grant, for my essential car repair, possible. You can not imagine the possible impact this grant will have and is having on my life. Thanks to funding from donors, I will now have transportation to get to my doctors for treatment of potential life-threatening illness (i.e. chronic cholangitis, pancreatitis, lupus, etc.) I will also have transportation to and from the hospitals and my neurosurgeon for my up and coming low back surgery. This is my third spinal surgery. This surgery is going to enable me to return to work as a Registered Nurse, on at least a part-time basis. I will no longer have to depend totally on Social Security, which does not begin to cover my medical expenses. Most importantly, I can once again feel good about myself and my ability to help others working, as a Registered Nurse. Words cannot possiblity begin to express my gratitude. You truly have made a life changing impact on me. Thank you for making transportation for my medical care and surgery possible. I plan to donate and give back to others, once I recover from surgery and am able to return to work. Thank you so much and God Bless you each and every one. Your time and donations will be used to help me, but in return I will eventually be able to help others. It was not accident that I accidently came across the Modest Needs website, at a time when things look pretty hopeless. I will always be grateful for your generosity and kindness. Thank you.

Car Repair

My Story:

My car will not run without changing the timing belt. It has 60,000 miles. I need my car to get to my doctors. I have been very ill and have pending back surgery within the next 3 weeks. I have lupus and chronic biliary infections, resulting in pancreatitis and cholangitis. I do not live within walking distance of the city bus lines. I have no family within this state. Without my car to get to my doctors, I could become very ill and potentially die. I live in government subsidized apts. I pay most of my income for medical care and expenses. I have contracted payments which I have to pay doctors in order to continue receiving care. After paying all of my doctors, I do not even have money for food. If I have transportation and if I am able to have the upcoming surgery, I may potentially be able to work a few hours per week, after recovery. I would have to work at a job without regular hours, which does not require long hours standing. I am in need of serious dental care. If I become able to work a few hours, I would be able to pay for some much needed dental care. I would need transportation to work at all. The mechanic has agreed to accept a reduced fee for the car repair. I earn $11.00 too much to qualify for Medicaid. I pay over $700.00 per month to physicians and pharmacies. There is absolutely no way I can save any money for this car repair. This is essential for my life and health. I would be so grateful for any help. I would be happy to offer testimonials. I live in the cold Southeastern mountains and really need my car. I worked for many years as a registered nurse. I was in a car accident and received injuries, after being attacked by a violent patient. I have spent my life helping others and I now need to ask others for a little help. Thank you for your careful consideration of my application. God bless you and the work you are doing for those less fortunate.

As of 2007-02-20, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2007-02-20, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $239.88 to Noto, Inc on behalf of this deserving individual.