Paid 12/06/2011
Independent Living Grant
Accessibility Equipment
Urgent Health Care

Fully Funded

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This person has left the following thank you note:

User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeA 'GREAT BIG THANK YOU!', to all of the Modest Means donors.I'm sure that some of you 'gave up' something they needed just to help me. I actually 'tear up' when I think that folks that don't know me or have never even heard of me are willing to help me! You've just given me my 'FREEDOM!' Having lost my right leg in April, I just sit at home and 'BEG' rides from Friends, neighbors and Church members. When most people run out of milk or bread, they get in their cars and go to the Grocery store or a Convenience Store. Not I. I have to find someone to either 'pick it up' or drive me. Someone that can not only drive me but, has a car big enough to hold my wheelchair and they have to be able to lift it in and out of their car. BUT, NO MORE! I'll be able to put my wheelchair on the 'Hitch Hiker' and take my wheelchair with me. I will now be able to get to work on my own and go out to eat, or a movie or the store by myself. So, THANK YOU!, to all of the Wonderful and Generous folks at Modest Means! You've really changed my LIFE... for the better! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Need Wheelchair Ramp to Go Back to Work

My Story:

Because I was trying to save my right leg, I have not worked for the last two years. On April 29, 2011 I lost my battle and also my right leg, above the knee. I applied for social security disability and was awarded $1195.95 a month. Between rent and doctors bills, I don't have any money left. I need a HitchHiker to load my wheelchair onto the back of my car. This would allow me the ability to get a job.

If Modest Needs donors choose not fund my request, I will not be able to work. If I pay for this myself, I will not be able to pay my rent or get my prescriptions filled.

My disability does not cover rent and all my expenses. I need this so I can go back to work. I have a company that will hire me, but I can't find anyone to drive me every day so I really, really need this to remain sane!

Funding this application would mean the ability to go back to work again and have a decent income. A job would really take a lot of stress off of my Significant Other and myself. She's had her hours cut from 40 hours a week to 16 hours a week. She's helped me all she can, but we're out of options. Once I start working I'll be able to donate a little bit to others. Thank you.

As of 2011-12-06, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2011-12-14, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $595.00 to A.D.E. Industries Inc on behalf of this deserving individual.