Paid 12/19/2011
Independent Living Grant
Imminent Loss of Housing

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This person has left the following thank you note:

I am so deeply moved and grateful that perfect strangers cared enough to reach out and help me. I prayed to God that I could get some help and while I can't be sure his hand was in this, I'd like to think it was. Besides all the things we had to throw out because of the bed bugs (couch, bookcase, another bed) the thing I spend the most time on is my dirty bed, because I don't feel well much of the time and I need a lot of rest. The bed, besides being covered in bed bug feces, is about 30 years old. I couldn't afford to get a frame and headboard at the time I bought it so I've had a box spring and mattress sitting on the floor all these years. I'd like to take your kind donation and buy a sturdy queen-sized bed with an actual frame and headboard. That would really be such a blessing in my life. In addition I'm buying plastic covers for the mattress and box spring so bed bugs will never attack my bed again. I'm going to have to hit a good sale to get what I want for $627 so I am constantly perusing internet stores to find the best price and quality. All of this would not be possible without you dear donors. I am going to tell others about Modest Needs and see if they can contribute. These days people are so concerned about fraud and exactly how charities spend the money that is donated, so I will tell them that if you're looking for an honest and caring charity you can do no better than Modest Needs. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless you all.

Bedbug Emergency: Help Me with Rent

My Story:

I am 52 years old and live with my brother, who is 51. We both suffer from severe mental illness and receive social security and disability payments. It is just the two of us and a cat. We both suffer from agoraphobia among many other things, so we rarely go out of our apartment. We do regularly go to our doctor appointments and both take medication.

We had bed bugs for a year and several items in our home needed to be thrown out, including a couch, a bookcase and my brother's bed. We have no couch in the living room because we can't afford to replace it. My mattress is still covered with bed bug feces and is quite unsanitary. It cannot be cleaned; it must be thrown out. I cannot throw it out yet because I cannot replace it, and without it I'll have no place to sleep. I really need my rent paid for one month so I can finally buy a new bed.

The reason we need help is because we have recently been shocked by a number of unexpected bills. In July 2011, I began experiencing severe mouth pain and was forced to see a dentist. One root canal, one crown, several cavity fillings and a special deep cleaning were all necessary to stop the pain and decay. None of it was cosmetic dentistry. The total bill for all the work was over $5100 (which comes out to be 34% of my annual income). This was a huge expense for someone who only receives $1263 a month in disability. I have no dental insurance and we don't make enough on social security to save up for catastrophic medical bills like these. Also, I pay about $200 a month for prescription drugs. The bills are stacking up. It all seems to be happening at once.

I am afraid of getting sick from sleeping on such an unsanitary old bed. The exterminator told me 'you must get rid of this bed.' Under our financial circumstances, having to pay out of pocket for oral surgery has forced us to go without many things. We go without new clothes, though need basics like socks, bras and underwear (obviously we are not going to buy used undergarments from a thrift store). We were at least able to replace my brother's bed last before all the dental expenses, but now it seems I have no hope of ever being able to afford a new bed.

I am very depressed about the situation. I suffer from major depression to begin with, and sleeping on this dirty bed just adds to it. I look around our apartment—-no couch, no bookcase, my dirty bed—-I feel like I live in a slum and it is very discouraging to me.

Getting the rental fee paid for one month will allow me to buy a new, clean bed. A decent bed should last at least 25 years, so having a clean mattress for that long of a time will definitely improve the quality of my life in the long-term. I think your donors are wonderful people. I pray that God will use you to provide help to me, as I try to pay it forward by doing good deeds to others. I am involved in a community outreach program where we go to people's homes and study the Bible with them free of charge. This allows people to make dramatic changes for the better in their lives. I am doing what I can to help my fellow man. Thank you so much for considering my application.

As of 2011-12-19, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2011-12-21, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $627.00 to Church Corner on behalf of this deserving individual.