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Help with Move: Family Seeking Treatment for Severely Autistic Child

My Story:

My husband & I have two autistic children, ages 5 1/2 & 6 1/2. Our son is doing well & borders more Aspbergers, suffering socially. Our daughter is moderate to severe autistic, non-verbal and suffering with tantrums, aggression and anxiety with leaving our home or/vehicle. She has been unable to return to school & has been without any therapy now for 4 1/2 months. In June we began Risperidoyl for aggression after 3 increases within three month's tim--it just was not working well enough & contributing to her GI issues. She vomits 3-4 times daily either due to self-stimulation, overactivity or from screaming during tantrums. She needs a GI appointment, but is not in the state of mind to do it. Her neurologist feels he is beyond her realm of treatment & advised a psychiatric evaluation. After 1.5 months of fighting and begging someone to help her, I argued my way to an appointment with Dr. Cavitt in St. Petersburg, a three hour drive each way for us. He told us he does not normally see such severe behavior at this age. He witnessed the head banging, scratching her body all over & thrashing uncontrollably. A new medication was prescribed, Abilify, along with intense therapy-- behavioral, occupational and speech. He advised that without the therapy she will not get any better, but continue to worsen.

We have exhausted our entire savings, $80,000 in all, in meeting medical needs and genetic testing. We have sold or lost to pawn any jewelry, art or electronics we had. I lost my 13K diamond ring to a pawn shop after paying a high interest to hold onto it for over a year. It was basically given away for nothing. We have been selling off furniture the last eight months, getting food from a local church and food bank. Not only has life financially become unlivable, the stress of our daughter worsening day by day & not being able to take her out other than a ride around to listen to music & calm her, life has become beyond stressful. This situation is now taking a toll on our marriage & health. With little to no sleep I try everyday to function, research ways to help my children and keep us afloat financially another week. I am also a full time student seeking my Associate's Degree in diagnostic sonography. My husband recently graduated with his 2nd degree in IT Networking & Communications. His recent 2nd degree should open new doors to fulltime employment with better pay and benefits.

We have at this time been asked to leave the home we are currently renting as we can not keep up with the expense. Our daughter desperately needs to get home to Massachusetts, where they have top notch care, to help her and help to get a handle on our lives again. Our electricity cost here in Florida is taking up a good portion of our money each month & needs to be paid now. This leaves me no money to pay the 1st and remaining 1/2 of last month's rent at the new apartment. I am in the process of selling whatever we have left and keep as much money from my husband's pay to make the move home. I don't know how I can cover the remaining 1000.00 to the new landlord. I am completely overwhelmed at this point and not sure how to move forward without help from someone. Please could you see it possible to help my family, my daughter needs help desperately. As soon as I can, I need to get her home to start the process of in-house therapy and hopefully get her back in school.

The cost of the move is going to be very difficult. I am seeking help with 1st months rent of $650. for the current home we are in. Without the help from someone, I am not sure what I am going to do to make this happen for my family. We will be homeless as we have been asked to leave the home we are in. I am very afraid of the unknown, I have been told our daughter will get worse. I dont know how much worse life can get for her or for myself. My son is being affected by the tantrums in the house and retreating to his room, crying, due to the confusion and loud screams.

By funding this request, it will allow me to use the funds from whatever I can sell off of furniture and household belongings. I will be able to put all funds towards the actual move, renting a truck, gas, lodging as it will take two days to travel home. Long term you are helping my daughter, who is very, very sick right now, begin to get the treatments she needs to achieve whatever life she is going to have in the future. I want so badly for her to speak. Thank you for considering this crucial need for our family.

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