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Urgent Health Care

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeHow do I begin to express my gratitude and humble appreciation for your wonderful gift that arrived at Christmas? I wish I could speak with each of you who made a donation to my request and thank you personally. To know that people, whom I'll probably never meet in my earthly life, donated their money for my cause is something I will always remember. The picture I've uploaded is from my healthier days. Since my request, I had a second surgery to help thoracic nerve compression in my neck and shoulder. My surgeon said the rather invasive 4 hour surgery would help and that recovery would be 6-8 months. It was in St. Louis so there will be more bills for hotels and things, but as I said in my request, I will do whatever is necessary and prudent to get back to health. Then I will be able to pass on your kindness and generosity. My parents again went with me during this last procedure and are caring for me now. They are a blessing to me. God has kept me alive for a purpose and I want to serve Him and others and make a difference for the betterment of our world. My symptoms are still constant, but pain has lessened by about 25%. I'm still pretty much homebound for now, but not forever. I press on in faith in my Lord, in appreciation for my family, and gratitude for each one of you who helped me. May God bless you and keep you. Thank you so much. I want you to do one more thing for me. I want you to live your lives to the fullest enjoying even the most mundane daily tasks. Health is a precious gift. Please take good care of yourselves and those you love. Thank you again. Robin

Single Lady Needs Help with Brain Surgery Medical Bills

My Story:

I am a 51 year old single woman, divorced. Five years ago I began to suffer from a horrible condition and was forced to live with my elderly parents. My father is 80 years and my mother is 75. I have been unable to function in day to day activities, much less work. I have virtually no income due to my debilitating condition.

After five years visiting other doctors, alternative therapies and any avenue I could find (not to mention motels and travel expenses), I thought I'd found a possibility with this brain surgery. However, it has not helped much at this time. I am in great pain, unable to work, unable to focus on the computer, be among other people, and keep my mind on track. I have accrued thousands of dollars of medical bills and am at my wits end. I make $600 a month on disability and it does not go far.

For the past five years I have exhausted my income and savings searching for a remedy for my condition. The latest was brain surgery to relieve pressure on cranial facial nerves, i.e., trigeminal nerves. I need help paying for the neurosurgeon and two anesthesiologist bills.

Without assistance, collection agencies will come after me. The stress is overwhelming, and I am facing an additional surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. After 5 years of fighting a losing battle against constant pain and disorientation, I have no money. My parents have helped me all they can. I am not sure what will happen to us after this.

I am stressed and humiliated. I used to be a professional with a zest for life. Now I am trapped in this life, unable to work, going from one surgery or treatment to another. My faith helps me get through it, but it is getting more and more difficult. I do, however have a positive atitude, and will never give up searching for a cure.

If I am funded it will help get me through this last stretch of treatment. I have had so much kindness shown to me from total strangers, but unfortunately it hasn't helped with my financial troubles. I worked for thirty years and enjoyed helping others. These past five years I have been physically unable to read a book for more than a few seconds, often cannot stand up, and spend most of my time in my room, as daylight and noise effect me violently. This small bit of help will be appreciated more than you know.

As of 2011-12-25, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2011-12-28, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $542.64 to OHI Hospital Bsed on behalf of this deserving individual.