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Trying to Avoid Cycle of Poverty: Rent Help

My Story:

I am married to the woman who I think is the most beautiful woman in the world. We have one son who will soon be turning two years old in September. I work full time as a switchboard operator at the Travis Air Force Base, but am the only person currently working in our household. Additionally, I am legally blind and deal with that disability every day.

What I really need is help covering our monthly rental payment. That cost has recently increased.

I feel that I have no choice but to ask for help from the Modest Needs team because I was recently required to pay an unusual auto repair bill which costed $350. Simply stated, I am afraid that if I am unable to receive assistance, then I will enter the sad and unfortunate cycle of poverty. I imagine it would all begin by the incurring of fees. Fees like non-sufficient fund fees, returned item fees, overdrawn balance fees, extended overdrawn balance fees, late payment penalty charges, etc. I've already experienced far too much of the condition of poverty in my past, being single, and trying to live on only SSI payments as a result of being unable to find an employer who would hire me due to my disability.

It worries me greatly, and puts a very high amount of mental stress on me being the only breadwinner of our family. As a result, although I try to avoid it, I find myself becoming much easier to anger. I also find myself getting stressed out over insignificant little things.

If this application is funded, it will make a long-term difference to me and my family, because if we don't have a safe and dependable place to lay our head down at night, what do we have? Shelter is one of the most basic of all human needs, and if we can somehow cover the cost of our rental payment, we can then successfully make our budget balance, which would then allow us to return to our former state of financial independence.

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