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Substitute Teacher Needs to Keep Her Car

My Story:

As a single woman and the sole supporter of my household, I am currently working two part-time jobs and am still having trouble making ends meet.

Due to school budget cuts, I was laid off from my third part-time job in June, but have begun substitute teaching since then (the school is on a year-round schedule). I have also found another part-time job working from home. However, the interruption in my income caused by the layoff and by waiting for my first paycheck from my new job has made it impossible for me to cover my car payment.

If the car payments are not made this month, the car could be repossessed. This would make it impossible for me to take my substitute teaching assignments. These assignments can be given at short notice anywhere in the county, including locations not served by public transportation. The resulting loss of income would make it even more difficult to pay my bills, including my rent.

My work as a teacher is very important to me, especially since I work with many children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Assistance with my car payment will allow me to continue to give my care and time to these children. I also hope that, with the money from my new job, I'll be able to make at least a modest donation to Modest Needs!

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