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Help Family Down Due to Injury Keep Power

My Story:

They are a Whitesboro, Texas family--a couple married 18 years, a daughter with a newborn and a 15 year old son. The mother of this family is temporarily disabled due to a nasty fall that tore ligaments in her knee requiring two surgeries, one upcoming. She's been out of work as a result, and now they find themselves three months behind on mortgage payments.

She will be able to return to work as soon as she heals from her upcoming surgery, but in the meantime they are struggling with an unexpectedly high electric bill that is simply out of their reach at this time. Their water service is bundled with their electric service, and so they stand the risk of losing both power and water in their home.

If you'd like to help this Texas family get back on its feet and avoid electric and water service while they are recovering, then please consider making a contribution to Modest Needs and using your points to vote that we fund this request. Once this application has 100% of the points needed, we'll immediately send a check to their electricity vendor to avoid disconnection. And you'll receive and thank you note, written in your her own words, describing how far your generosity went to making their lives a little better.

Thank you for considering this application and for your ongoing support of Modest Needs.

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