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Health at Stake: Urgent A/C Repair Needed

My Story:

Our household consists of myself and my husband and our daughter. My husband works very hard for us in a local distribution warehouse. I work for a small university helping students complete paperwork and do a great deal of data entry--accuracy is my life. Outside of work I am a very active volunteer with 4-H and a mentor for collegiate 4-H. I am also a student. I am 8 months from completing my bachelors in management with an emphasis in human resources.

I was diagnosed 8 years ago with diverticulitis and complications from surgeries and infections have nearly taken my life 3 times. Due to the number of surgeries, I now suffer from short bowel syndrome. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to have a radical hysterectomy. I am considered cancer free at this time. However, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as well as lupus earlier this year. The pain is pretty intense some days, but I keep going for my family. My job and my volunteer work keep me young.

Due to having a very large repair bill on our air conditioner, our mortgage money was used to pay that bill. The bill for our air conditioner was nearly 4 times what we were originally told it would be. Our savings was eliminated by my husband's recent hospitalization of my husband in addition to my medical bills. Due to my medical conditions, air conditioning is vital to my health.

If we do not get help, we will fall further behind. We could potentially lose our home if we fall further behind. I will have to go without my medication so that my family can eat.

This will help us save our home and our credit for the future, which are of great importance to us. On a personal level, we are firm believers in helping our fellow man and paying it forward. This is how we live and it is what we are teaching our daughter. Knowing that there are people around the world with the kindness and graciousness to help people they do not even know will cement this belief.

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