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Don't Let Layoff Put Family of 3 on Streets

My Story:

We are a family of 3 people--myself, my husband, and our 3 year old daughter, Zoe. I am a event sales manager for and entertainment venue in the Fort Worth area. My husband has been looking for steady work for about 3 years, due to being laid off from the position he was with for 5 years at a large beverage distributor. He has been able to supplement our income by bartending and waiting tables until recently, when the bar he worked at for the last 2 years decided to change directions and laid him off, again. At this point he is doing everything he can by waiting tables and doing odd-jobs to help make ends meet, but we have fallen so far behind, it seems almost impossible.

We desperately need help with our rent, due to trying to get caught up for several months. Everything has fallen behind putting us in massive debt, but my rent is the most important. I'm afraid we will lose our home. We have no where to go, with no family that has the means or space to help us.

This help would benefit our family both mentally now, and help us to get back on track financially to take care of our daughter. I never want her to know about this hardship we have experienced.

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