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Sick Daughter: Keep Single Mom & Baby Off the Streets

My Story:

I'm a single mother of a 19 month old daughter with another on the way. I was just offered a new job and am trying to do the best I can with working and daycare arrangements depending on the shifts I'm being offered.

I do not have family to turn to in the time of need so I'm doing the best I can. I plan to start back going to school this fall to pursue my degree in nursing to make a better future for me and my children.

My daughter had gotten sick which caused me to have to miss work a lot and stay home and take her to and from doctors appointments. I'm asking if you could please assist us so that we can maintain a stable household.

Unfortunately, because I was not working I got behind in my rent payment. I have been making payments, and am just trying to get caught up before we end up having to be evicted and live on the streets.

I've been stressed on top of being pregnant and trying to explore as many options as I can to keep a roof over our heads. I haven't been getting enough sleep and am just constantly worrying day in and day out about what I can do to make our situation better.

If you were able to help me it would allow me to go back to school and focus mainly on that, to finish and make a better life for my children. It would mean the world to us that there are still good people all over that are willing to help those who are trying to help themselves. I would be able to sleep better at night knowing we do not have to move and that things will get better. And just to make a better stable future for the ones who mean the world to me, my children.

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