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Cancer Patient Has to Choose: Electricity or Surgery?

My Story:

I am married with no children living at home. My husband has been disabled since 1975 and last June 2010 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and had to stop working for a while. My medical care is 170 miles from our home (340 round trip). Since January 2011 I have made ten trips to Iowa City, where I must go for care as my insurance will only pay for their treatment. We live on my husbands disability which is $660/month so with the rising gas prices we have not always been able to pay our bills on time.

I had surgery related to my cancer in April, so we had expenses for the trip to the hospital, the cost of a motel for one night so my husband could be with me the day of my surgery, and then the cost for him to return home, and then drive to hospital to pick me up and return me home. This wasn't exactly unexpected, but with our fixed income, it really put us behind.

Now, with the heat, our electric bill is much higher than usual, and we just can't pay it. I have tried everything I can think of to receive help with our utility bill but nothing seems to help.

If we don't get help with this bill I will have to cancel my surgery set for August 9th until we get Alliant caught up because we can't be without electricity. The surgery is to reverse the ostomy bag so I won't need it anymore. If I have to delay my surgery it will delay me returning to work and we'll be worse off than before I had cancer.

Since I found out I had cancer it seems like everything is against us. Most of my friends or family don't know what to say to me so they just quit talking to me, so thinking that there are strangers that care and would help me seems like a miracle. I know once I catch up and I have surgery in August I will be back on my feet and working so that this won't happen again. It's nice to know that there are strangers that have faith that I can do it and will help me out so that I get a good start on getting our lives back together.

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