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Shelter Seeks Help Keeping Residents Cool and Safe

My Story:

West House is a small non-profit personal care home that provides shelter, food, medication administration and general assistance to people who are unable to live on their own, but also unable to afford traditional long-term care. They provide housing for up to 18 people (they are currently at capacity); some people have come to them homeless, and all suffer from a wide range of physical or developmental disability.

Like much of the country, this home in Williamsport, Pennsylvania is in the grips of a deadly heat wave. Because their residents are especially vulnerable (due to their age and/or physical conditions), it is imperative that they keep the home cool. Unfortunately, the unrelenting heat has caused their electric bill to skyrocket (it's almost twice what it was last month). It exceeds what they are able to pay and comes at a time when people are clamoring for their help (they're at capacity and have a waiting list).

Under our Non-Profit Grant, this small shelter is asking for one-time assistance with their unusual cooling bill. By giving to this amazing little non-profit, you can help to ensure that they do not have to cut any services, turn anyone away and keep their residents comfortable and safe. If this sounds like a good investment to you, please consider making a contribution to Modest Needs and using your points to vote that we fund this application. Once this request has 100% of the points it needs, we'll immediately remit payment to their power company for the full amount owed. And you'll receive a thank you note from this small organization expressing the power of your small change to change lives.

Thank you for considering this application and for your ongoing support of Modest Needs.

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