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Have Disabled Child: Car Repair

My Story:

I am the single parent of an adopted child with special needs (autism and reactive attachment disorder). I am also a licensed social worker who supports families who have children with disabilities. I volunteer in my community when I can. I am also the caregiver to a parent with dementia.

I am only able to work part time due to my son's and father's needs. Currently, I am able to manage my regular finances but do not have any funds available for car repairs. My car is essential to providing for my son's needs and necessary to continue working and supporting others.

My car is old but dependable. I just spent hundreds of dollars, only 2 months ago, to repair the rear suspension. My car needs a new clutch, tires and an O2 sensor to pass Massachusetts State mandated vehicle inspection.

I spend a lot of time giving back to others through my work and daily living, however, this time I need help and hope that I am a worthwhile investment to the generous donors of this organization. Thank you for your consideration.

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