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Knee Surgery: Missed Work

My Story:

During the first week of March, I had a terrible fall at home, and tore my knee. I had to have knee surgery two weeks later. I have been out of work and receiving no income since the beginning of March.

Now I am falling behind on my mortgage, due to both my loss of wages and having to pay for my co-pays before the surgery. I am the sole provider of my household and I do not receive any assistance, so this has made it difficult to pay for all of the little things, as well as food and utilities.

I would really like to extend the gratitude that I feel for this organization and all of the donors. If I receive your help, I will be greatly indebted to you. If I am unable to be assisted with my mortgage, I will still stand strong and be an advocate for such a caring, outstanding, and strong Foundation. Thank you for taking the time to even look at my application. God Bless You All.

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