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New Job - First Month Of Rent

My Story:

Dear Potential Donors, I am writing because as of November 2010 I had become unemployed and was displaced from my home. As a result I have been bouncing around between friends and families houses sleeping where I can, but would like to get back on my feet. As of last week I have started a job again (thank you god!) however, I am making minimum wage in the state of Florida and the list for government help is closed for housing.

I have found a few studios and efficiencies that I could possibly afford with a little assistance with my initial rent costs. I anticipate making more money after my probationary period but right now things are just not making ends meet. I will be applying for food stamps as well. If you can find it in your heart to help me in this temporary time of need I assure you I will make sure to pay it forward for someone else in the future. Thank you so much and god bless.

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