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FT Student/Mom: Dental Bill

My Story:

I am a full time student with a 3.62 GPA and am on the Dean's list at my university. My 9 year-old daughter and I have been on our own since I escaped a dangerous and abusive marriage to her absent father 8 1/2 years ago.

As a single stay-at-home mom, I've had no choice but to put off fixing my teeth, which have caused me discomfort for years, to pay utilities, vehicle expenses, rent and other general living expenses.

At only 34, I'd like to not begin my career after I finish my BA with a 90 year old mouth. I have tried everything to improve my teeth, meanwhile, the problem gets bigger and I feel more insecure. I can't eat right, I am often in pain and rarely smile now a days. I fear that this could have impact on job opportunities and it makes me scared and sad.

If you can help, it would truly be an answer to my prayers and give me back the confidence I need to take these last steps to attain my self-sufficiency, so we can have a life we have worked so hard for. Thank you very much for helping moms like me. Even if it is not me you decide to help, I appreciate this organization, its donors, and contributions made to women like me.

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