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Service Dog Needs Access Training

My Story:

I am widowed and living alone on SSI for the Blind. I am so grateful to be partnered with my young Service Dog, Grimm. Grimm does Seizure Response work for me in the home, such as retrieval of items when my grip is poor, following a seizure. He brings medication, and acts as a bracing support from the bed to the bathroom and back. He also alerts to oncoming seizures, giving me time to be safely situated.

Public Access Training would enable Grimm to do his job outside the home as we run needed errands out in the community and on public transit, as I am unable to drive. Due to monthly medical expenses, my SSI for the Blind cannot stretch to afford Access Training.

Would you please consider helping Grimm and I with our request for help with his Access Training? Thank you so very much for your consideration of my needs with my Service Dog.

With Heartfelt Warm Regards from Grimm and I.

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