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Theraputic Cook For Hospice Patient

My Story:

I am a seventy-two year-old bedridden hospice patient. I have cancer, cardiac, neurological, and digestive disorders. Nursing homes are not an option because of my unusual sensitivity. Medicine and normal treatment are also not a resort.

My crisis comes because my caregiver of eight years, who normally cooks for me, is vacationing for two weeks. My nerve damage and abscessed teeth and gums require mechanical preparation of the three foods I can eat. Thermometers and technical instruments are used in the preparation.

Living on Social Security, I cannot afford a trained agency caregiver to cook for me and I must find a way to eat. I am desperate.

With your help, I can pay the agency caregiver for two weeks. When my regular caregiver returns, Medi-Cal will cover a significant part of the cost. My need is crucial and I pray you can help. Thank you.

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