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Handicap Safety Fence

My Story:

To whom may it concern:

On behalf of my son, I'm writing to you for your financial support to build a residential fence on my property. I need to protect my son from the dangers he already faces and to avoid a tragedy in the future. I'm a full time working mother who has two sons; the youngest is 3 years old and is a typical active boy and my older son, who is 5 years old. My oldest is nonverbal with duel diagnosis of Down's syndrome and Autism and because of his condition, he doesn't communicate and he has no sense of what is danger. His behavior is difficult to control and he doesn't respond to any voice and he won't understand what is a given direction or restriction.

In the past few weeks he opened the back door and ran directly into two busy streets on the front and on the side of our house. This past summer he ran constantly out to our neighbor's backyard that has a swimming pool as well. He has global delays and severe cognitive issues and this is why the situation is dangerous.

All my income goes directly to mortgage, medical bills for my disabled son and the therapies he needs. I cannot afford any more. If you're willing to support the safety of my son, your money will allow me to build the fence and let Derek develop motor and cognitive skills on the playground that we have in the backyard; it also will help to continue his occupation and physical progress as well as it will increase my son's social and sensory disorder with his sibling. I really appreciate for taking interest in helping me and with the safety of my children.

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