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Autistic/Epileptic Son: Light Bill

My Story:

Thank you for your time. Last June, we moved our family to a better, more expensive duplex. We are able to maintain our current bills as long as we have no surprises. In December 2010, our autistic/epileptic son relapsed and had to be hospitalized to get the seizures under control.

We went through 6 weeks of 10-15 seizures a day, and 2 hospitalizations. My boyfriend is the only one who works, and I couldn't do this alone. My mom is mentally ill and can't help, so my partner took some time off work. Between my son's birthday and Christmas both falling in December, we were already backed up on the electric bill. With my partner's missing work, we just got deeper in debt with the electric company.

The hospital doesn't provide food for the parents, so we spent a lot of money on eating out and on hospital food. We also had to spend a lot of extra money on gas traveling back and forth from Waukesha to Milwaukee, transporting my daughter to and from school.

I have called my local church to see if they can help me at all. Also, I am awaiting a call back from Energy Assistance to see if I can get an appointment for future assistance, if necessary. Thank you for all of your time and heart in helping others in need!

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