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Family With Sick Child - Car Help

My Story:

I am the mom of a 9 year old son with cerebral palsy, autism, and visual impairment caused by a premature birth. My husband and I have dedicated our life in helping him reach his fullest potential in life. He requires one on one attention throughout his day. I am only able to work part time due to all of that goes into taking care of my son and my husband leaves the house for work at 6:00am and returns at 12:00am. It is the only way we can make ends meet.

He had been working these hours for years until June 2010 when my husband suffered a grand mal seizure out of the blue. He was unable to drive for 6 months and not able to work during this time. All tests came out normal and the conclusion was lack of sleep and stress (worry over his sons future). During his time out of work we fell behind on every bill we had but somehow or other managed to get through it. We have fallen behind on 2 of our mortgage payments and have been charged late fees. It is hard enough doing the best we can for my son but with the added stress over not being able to pay your mortgage that we fell behind on makes life even more stressful.

If we could somehow get assistance with the these payments we would be able to get back on track. Our house is adapted to my sons needs with a sensory room specially designed for him and it would be devastating for him and us if anything happened to our home. It is our pride and joy and does a lot for my son.

My husband has been doing well and is back to work full time and we just need help with the payments that we fell behind on. Programs like this bring the best out of people and I would never take anything like this for granted. I would be more than grateful to be considered for this.

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