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Disabled Couple Needing Ramps

My Story:

Hello, I live in Tupelo, Mississippi. I am 82 and I am disabled. My husband, Leon, and I are retired teachers. Over the past few years, my health has declined rapidly. I have had 54 surgeries and my medical and medication bills are tremendous. I had transitional cell cancer in June of 2007 where I lost my left urethra, left kidney, and part of my bladder.

The chemo and radiation are unresponsive, only surgery responds to transitional cell cancer. Along with the cancer, I have a pace maker and a heart defibulator. I take about twenty three medications that cost me after my insurance $7985.56 annually. I've tried to cut my cost by switching to generic medications, but most of the medications are for my heart and cannot be substituted.

We are asking for the money to get our home leveled so our home can be fitted with wheelchair ramps inside and outside the home. This would help us continue to live independently and not have to be put into special homes. Thank you for your time and what you and your company do.

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