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Have Multiple Sclerosis: Need Rent

My Story:

On February 19, 2007 I became very ill and my life changed forever. I had pain in both shoulders, which gradually increased eventually feeling like knives were being stabbed into my shoulders. The pain gradually worsened waking me up in the middle of each night. Eventually I was unable to lift myself out of bed in the morning. I developed a significant lack of muscle coordination throughout body and had difficulty walking and standing. When getting out of bed, I was unable to maintain balance and often fell to the floor.

I had and still have pain in the back of neck when my head is tilted forward. The pain progressively moved down both arms and into my hands. I developed numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers. Approximately six weeks after becoming ill and enduring many medical tests including MRIs and a Lumbar Puncture my Neurologist, my doctor diagnosed my illness as Multiple Sclerosis. At the same time, I was also diagnosed with Diabetes.

In December 2009, I could tell my disease progression was changing. My chronic spinal pain increased. I have more difficulty walking and electrical shocks, numbness, fatigue and muscle spasms occur daily. New MRI's taken in December 2009 revealed a new lesion on my right cervical spine, two new small lesions on my brain and shrinkage of my spine due to demyelinating nerves. My diagnosis was changed to Primary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in which the disease worsens more steadily. I take 15 medications to treat MS and diabetes. Medications along with disease progression and fatigue prevent me from performing any type of employment or personal activities.

Due to my illness, I was forced to retire from my profession on March 31, 2009 and live on Social Security Disability Income. On December 7, 2010 I declared bankruptcy because I was unable to pay my monthly expenses including medical co-pays for prescriptions and doctor visits. In order to declare bankruptcy I had to pay legal costs which was an unforeseen expense. Also effective January 2011 my former employer negotiated a new health care contract with my insurance provider, which doubled the cost of my prescription and visit co-pays

These expenses have resulted in my falling behind in one month of rent. I am respectfully requesting assistance from Modest Needs so that I can bring my monthly rental expense to current and prevent my living in perpetual poverty. Thank you so very much.

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