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Spoiled Foods Making Us Ill

My Story:

I am a disabled mom of a college student and a minor. I do own my own home but all my funds are exhausted with trying to pay back property taxes (close to foreclosure) and my homeowner's association fees also delinquent. I had a 2-year-old refrigerator that breaks down and then in a week or two resumes cooling but has been doing this for a few months.

At times the food is not kept at a proper cold temperature i.e. meat, chicken, fish, etc. and my children and I have gotten ill from eating spoiled food. When the refrigerator is down we resort to a Styrofoam cooler, which also does not keep the food at a proper temperature. I have looked at my local store that sells refurbished appliances with a 6-month warranty that I have seen a refrigerator at and need help purchasing it. Thank you

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