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Major Surgeries, Need Rental Help

My Story:

I had been out of work for over six months with major surgeries that were out of my control. I was on short term disability but denied after the first surgery which caused me to start being behind on all utilities. I tried to go back to work and had a break down due to pain, and was taken out of work again only to go through another surgery.

While out my short term got finalized but when I received it I was already four months behind on everything. I was able to pay some here and there due to medical needs ie getting medication. When I did receive my pay they had taxed more than I received which caused some depression and stress with an already bad situation.

After my surgery on Sept 27, my vehicle was totaled out in my yard on Oct 8th, which caused me to have PTSD and was sent to Palmetto Low Country Behavioral Center to help with the Trauma and that caused me to be out a month and a half longer. I understand that these are my responsibilities to pay my bills but I have had a bit of bad luck and I do suffer from fibromyalgia at a very bad stage but I am doing what I can.

Now my landlord says that she can no longer wait for me to catch up on the rent. She needs her money now. I have tried everywhere to get help to no avail. I humbly ask for assistance with this matter. I have always been one to help others. Thank you.

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