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Disabled - Help With A/C Repair

My Story:

My son and I are both on disability income, which is paid once a month. My income pays for all the housing, utilities, insurance, etc. When all is paid I have very little left for the rest of the month. My son pays his truck payment, buys groceries and necessities for the household etc., when all expenses are paid very little is left over. He has been able to work a part time job to bring in a little extra to help with little emergencies, but not enough to cover a large repair bill.

This is why I am seeking help to pay the A/C repair. The company who helped me out by repairing my A/C (knowing I couldn't pay for the service) has been so understanding and considerate of our situation. I am praying there will be a grant available to help with payment of this bill. Thank-you!

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