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Replaced Wood Stove - Mortgage Help

My Story:

We are a recently married couple, with 5 children between us and we are starting over (both coming from ugly divorces). We bought an older manufactured home on an unfinished daylight basement in May of 10' and just found out the fireplace insert in it was unsafe and we had to buy a 'manufactured home approved' woodstove to heat our home and family this winter.

The cost of the stove and triple wall stove pipe was much more than we could have ever anticipated let alone been prepared for and now we don't have enough to make our mortgage payment. We live on a very tight budget with barely enough to live each month let alone any unexpected bills like the woodstove.

We are a hard working family trying to make ends meet. Although normally too proud to think of asking for help like this we are faced with no alternatives at this point, as we have taken out every penny of equity in our home and have consolidated every credit card we have and can no longer use them. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated and never forgotten. Someday hopefully we will be the ones giving and not receiving. Thank You!!

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