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Legally Blind Elderly Woman: HVAC

My Story:

I am 68 years old and legally blind. My granddaughter is typing my information for me because I am unable to perform these transactions for myself. I know that it seems that my income should be enough for me to maintain my unexpected expenses, but what this application doesn't ask for is everything else that consumes the majority of my income such as car payment, car insurance, groceries, phone bill, electric bill, water bill, garbage pick up (we have to dispose of our own trash in Latta, SC.)

I struggle to make ends meet, but they meet none the less. Last winter I went without heat, I had to wear winter attire in my home, this summer I went without air conditioning. It would be a great comfort this winter if I could have anyone willing and able to assist me in replacing my air conditioning and heating unit. I don't usually ask for help because I never wanted to be a burden to anyone, but I am asking because I am truly in need of assistance. My granddaughter can not help me with this bill because of the large cost. I thank you kindly in advance.

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