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New Job and Scared: Rent

My Story:

Integrity has always been a good trait that I have strived to achieve in both my personal and professional life. Giving years of dedication to one employer was a career goal of mine to ensure that I received the experience and knowledge that I needed to achieve my life aspirations. Then one moment that was taken away from me.

My wife left me in March, which is something I am still trying to deal with because for one, I don't know why she left and for two, she left me with all the bills. Now having to pay them all, I have become late on my lot rent. Though my landlord has shown great patience, he is dealing with cancer and understands things happen in life. But from an integrity stand point, I can't let it go on.

Asking for help is something that is very hard for me to do, my pride is something that I have always cherished, but I have no where else to turn. I want to stay productive and give back to the community. Your help would be greatly appreciated and welcomed, knowing that it will warm one heart and save one life.

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