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Mortgage Help, Laid Off but Trying

My Story:

I'm very worried that I won't be able to make my house payment for October. I've had a very difficult time. I was laid off from my job of four years in June of 2009 and this was right after I had broken my ankle, had a major car accident and had to replace the entire sewer in my house. I sold my car at a huge loss because of the accident, bought a cheaper one and that helped me get through about ten months, but then, the money ran out and I had to sell the cheaper car too and get an even cheaper one to get through and now, that money is gone too.

I was still unemployed in July of this year and took a job waiting tables because I felt like I had to do something even if it wasn't in my line of work and that job didn't work out. So, my unemployment benefits ran out, I have nothing left to sell, I have no income at all right now.

I can put food and car gas on credit cards, but they're already pretty jammed up. I have found another job waiting tables in a new restaurant, but it's not open yet and I'm really scared that I won't be able to make my house payment even with the new job if it opens on time (Sept 21st) because I'll have to train for a week for minimum wage and then rely on tips and it's hard to tell if the business will be there. In Tennessee, they only pay waitresses $2.13 an hour plus tips. I need help. I hope you will agree. Blessings to you and yours.

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