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Single Dad Needs To Escape MOLD!

My Story:

Hello Modest Needs Donors. I am a single father to a six year old daughter. Her and I moved into our first apartment last year. One month after being there I moved my dresser away from my bedroom wall and saw that mold overtook the wall. After looking in other areas of the home, I found more mold! It was along windowsills in my daughter's room, in the corner behind her bed and along the baseboard behind my bed. It was a nightmare!

I took pictures of all of the rooms right away and sent them to my landlord. It has been almost a year of asking my landlord for help with the mold but he only cleans it off- it reappears after a few weeks of damp weather. I do not have the means to file a civil complaint to have it professionally taken care of. In the mean time though, I have NUMEROUS prescriptions from my doctor's office that need to be filled each month because the mold is making me physically sick. I wake up in a panic because of being unable to breathe at nighttime.

I thank God that my child does not have an allergy even though I do know that it is unhealthy for her to be exposed to this on a daily basis. My lease is up in October. I have found a new place for us to live but I do not have money to make the first month's rent payment. I know that we need to get out in order for me to be fully healthy. I know that once I am in a clean home my allergies will clear up. I just need a little helping hand to get us there.

I hope that you can find it in your heart to approve my application. I need and want to be the best father I can be! I need to be healthy and in a clean home! Please help! God Bless You!

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