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Laid Off of Work I Need Rent Help.

My Story:

I am in need of your help because I have recently become unemployed. I was laid off from my job. I qualified for and I am receiving small unemployment benefits. I also applied for help with Social Services and have been receiving help from them as well with a small amount of cash assistance and food stamps.

I have paid my rent on time since moving in to my apartment. I have fallen behind in all of my bills and found myself needing to pay my utilities before they were shut off. I am now short for my September's rent and if Modest Needs could help me, I would be able to catch up.

I have been on many interviews and so far am still struggling to become employed. If I have help with my rent for September I can use the money I have received to pay my bills and gas for driving to interviews and working toward becoming employed once again. The most important thing I need to take care of right now is providing a home for my daughter.

If Modest Needs could help me I would be on my way to self sufficiency. If you could please help I would be very grateful. Thank You

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