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Could lose home due to HOA fees

My Story:

I am about to get my home foreclosed on because my HOA dues are seriously delinquent, due to a recent life-threatening illness, which made me unable to work this year and last. Although I have a reverse mortgage, due to new FHA regulations, the recession and declining real estate values, I am unable to refinance it to obtain the funds I need to pay off my HOA dues, which became seriously delinquent as a result of my recent critical illness and life-saving emergency surgery. (I am also paying a collection agency for that part of the hospital bill, which my former insurance refused to pay, and I was working part-time as a church organist, before jobs became so scarce recently.)

I urgently need to pay off my delinquent condo dues, which are MUCH higher than normal, so I remain in my home, because I am a law student and I intend to work in my home as my retirement job, since I have no retirement income. My homeowners association threatens to lien my home any time and could sell it out from under me with no court proceeding, which would render me homeless at almost 65 and end my preparations for a law career - by which I also plan to do a lot of pro bono work, instead of just getting rich or having a foreclosure ruin my life when I could be making a difference soon as a lawyer.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it isn't too long. As I have no current income and am living on loans from friends but that money has dried up, I hope someone can help me with the funding I desperately need!

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