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My Story:

I am a single mother of two daughters and a full time student trying to obtain my BA degree. I was working part time at the local community college where I am due to graduate from this December. I was on the work-study program but the contracts ended in June 2010. I have waited very patiently for my current college to approve and package my financial aid but it has been delayed for the past three months now leaving me in financial hardship.

I am in fear of losing my rental because I am not able to make my rent for August and September at this point and also trying to keep the electricity, internet (online classes) and food on the table with only cash aid monthly. The past two months have been a complete struggle for me and my family. Once my financial aid is approved I will then have the ability to get myself in a better position to look for a part time job and continue my education. I have less than a year to obtain my degree and will begin a new future for me and my daughters. If I receive help from the donor program I will be able to stay in my rental and have the ability to continue my schooling. Thank you

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