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Help Healer With Gas Bill

My Story:

I am a hard-working professional massage therapist. I'm proud of what I do; I enjoy helping others feel healthy and pain-free. My income is dependent on the economy, and my business has slowed.

I have had a number of simultaneous unexpected expenses in the past couple of months (replaced a dental filling, replaced tires and brakes on my car, vet bills, etc.), and I have been paying them off but lagging behind. Then I got a huge gas bill for my apartment - it was unexpectedly adjusted based on actual usage - and it's a hardship for me because at this point I am barely paying my regular bills.

I am pennies away from being behind in rent. I hope my business will pick up soon. Help with this one gas bill will keep me afloat until then. This makes a big difference to me, but it also makes a big difference to my clients, who depend on me for pain relief and well-being. I really want to be able to continue this career because I feel like I am making a difference in the lives of others.

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